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The Mummery Book - Adidam Sacred Theatre Guild

The Mummery Book Website
Adidam Sacred Theatre Guild
Multi-media sacred drama in a sacred space in northern California. The theatrical epic, entitled, "The Mummery Book," authored by this Sacred Theatre Guild's living Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj, is classical in structure. Written with a tremendous overlay of imagery as was James Joyce's "Ulysses in Night Town," "The Mummery Book" is easier by far to read. It is a work of profound significance, and might be classified as meta-theatre, a divine comedia. The Guild presents this vital, purifying work several times every year.
http://www.mummerybook.org/ and http://global.adidam.org/books/mummery.html
The Masks of the Goddess - Circle Art The Masks of the Goddess
Rainwalker Studio
Since 2003, this group at the Independent Eye Theatre has been involved with what they refer to as "the re-mything of culture." They tell us that it is absolutely necessary that as human beings, we develop a better understanding of ourselves and the spirit, of what is sacred. They are seriously concerned with the necessity for balance and peace.
Native American Theatre Program - Thunderbird University Native American Theatre Program
Thunderbird University
Haskells Indian Nation University founded its professional theatre program in 1974. The goal of its Thunderbird Theatre is to provide Native American theatre to both Native and non-Native audiences, and to expand this tradition at its base. They are engaged in depicting the human spirit in terms that are appropriate for the legitimate stage, motion pictures and television.
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