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The Mummery Book

Regarding "The Mummery Book" - Regaining The Capacity For Ecstasy:

“For thousands of years, human beings have found interest in literature that deals with ultimate matters. The theatrical and artistic presentation of that literature has long been the fundamental content of human culture.

Just so, the mode of participation in ‘The Mummery Book’ is fundamentally about drama. It must be participated in, so that you can understand the Great Matter altogether.”
– Adi Da Samraj

The Adidam Sacred Theare Guild performs their Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj's modern sacred theater epic "The Mummery Book" several times each year in Northern California.

A grand, purifying multi-media spectacle that is subtitled, "A Parable Of The Divine True Love, Told By Means Of A Self-Illuminated Illustration Of The Totality Of MInd," Master Da refers to "The Mummery Book" as a "prose opera." The production is an ecstatic event of the first order, attracting a broad public. Advance reservations can be made.

Moment from The Mummery Book - Adidam Sacred Theatre GuildPlease see our Featured Theatrical Websites page for more information about "The Mummery Book" and its quality as literature of the theater.

Listen to a recent interview with Peter Harvey Wright of the Adidam Sacred Theatre Guild, a first-hand discussion of "The Mummery Book" as literature and sacred theater, and the way in which it is presented by the guild.

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