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The Ramayana

Ancient Rendering of a scene from The RamayanaThis ancient epic sacred poem is from India, Circa 500 BCE to 100 BCE and co-eval to early versions of "The Mahabharata."

The "Ramayana" consists of 24,000 verses in seven cantos. It tells the story of a prince, Rama of Ayodhya, whose wife Sita is abducted by the demon Rakshasa, king of Lanka, Ravana.

Outdoor performance of The Ramayana in IndonesiaDuring its long end eventful history, the work has been migrated from India to Asia.

Today, "The Ramayana" enjoys regular sacred and ecstatic performances in far eastern countries such as Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Indochina and Vietnam, many of them produced on a truly spectacular scale.

Outdoor Spectacle of The Ramaya performed in IndonesiaThese colorful recent photographs of the traditonal work were taken during a full-scale outdoor performance in Indonesia, a country with a reputation for its traditional theatrical magic and impressive ecstatic dance performances.

Traditional Spectacles Depicting The Passion of Christ

Outdoor Performance of a Passion Play in the United StatesVersions of what has come to be know as "The Passion Play" are performed throughout the United States each year, as well as in Europe and the Phillipines.

The most well-known productions of "The Passion Play" are presented in large amphitheaters, and there are a great many that tour their respective country.

Outdoor production of the Passion Play

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