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Arts: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies
Published biannually by the theology and the arts program at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. The journal treats broadly the intersection between theology and the arts. Edited by Wilson Yates, author of The Arts in Theological Education~(Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1987).

The Art Newspaper
Probably the premiere monthly source of art world information about events, trends, developments, individuals affecting the world of visual arts. A network of five print papers with separate editorial offices in London, New York, Turin, Paris, Madrid and Athens. Full articles, forum, and art-related advertising.

A major monthly sometimes called "the bible of the art world" (because everyone reads it). Functional information, announcements, news. Features articles about artists, contemporary trends, exhibits, current developments and events.

Art Forum International
A major monthly filled with news and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, with a contemporary focus. Includes world news critics' picks, live symposia, interviews, archives, event calendar, and links to related sites.

Art in America
A major monthly fine arts journal designed for collectors, artists, dealers, art professionals and other interested consumers who seek the latest news in the art world. Coverage and criticism of painting, sculpture and photography. Also includes profiles of artists and genres, updates about art movements, show reviews and events schedules.

Gallery Guide (Art Now)
Essential East Coast publication, via Art Now. The most comprehensive source of gallery and museum exhibitions nationwide, including all regions of the United States and a selected listing of exhibitions in Europe.

The New York Art World
A major New York City area resource covering the NYC art scene: reviews, exhibitions, and openings. Read by critics, academics, artists, and collectors.

Art and Auction
Important publication for the world's connoisseurs, dealers and art world insiders. Art & Auction reports on people, prices, trends and ideas in the art world.

Asian Art News
Bi-monthly practical review of contemporary Asian art: galleries and museums, trends, new artists. Covers Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and more. Stresses information.

Art on Paper
International bimonthly of works on paper: prints, drawings, and photography. Current issue, contents and selected articles from past issues, events calendar.

Art Papers
From an arts organization with a strong contemporary artist base. "Dedicated to the examination and development of contemporary art and culture." Atlanta based.

Paris based, bilingual (French/English). Elegant and intelligent. Focused on contemporary and modern art, international, emphasis on French. Artpress is one of the few art periodicals that includes, describes and publishes material about select abstract photography as fine art. I think this is a must for Beloved.

CIRCA: Contemporary Visual Culture in Ireland
Visual arts and visual culture in Ireland. News, reviews, interviews, and articles from current and back issues. Frequently publishes some truly beautiful visual layouts.

Brooklyn based. From an organization serving as an umbrella for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities. Participants include artists, curators, art and cultural critics, scientists, architects, historians, anthropologists, poets, fiction writers and philosophers, among others.

Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion
Quarterly. Published by the Center for Religious Humanism, Seattle. Strong emphasis on Christian perspective; valuable in its attention to a recognizing a sacred intention in the visual arts.

Well-regarded Australian visual arts magazine focused primarily on Australian and Asia-Pacific contemporary arts. Interviews with artists, exhibit reviews, feature articles, reports. Strong visual presentation.

The Art of Tibet
An online gallery of over 17,000 images from the Himalayas. Paintings, sculpture and murals.

A resource for professionals, collectors, scholars, and others interested in Latin American art. Miami based. Contains cutting edge articles, news, and reviews.

Arte Aldia International
Coverage of Latin American artists and their work. A forum for scholars, collectors, curators, art dealers, critics, artists, art lovers. Miami based. Focuses on commercial ties among museums, foundations, galleries and collectors.

Religion and the Arts
Coverage of Latin American artists and their work. A forum for scholars, collectors, curators, art dealers, critics, artists, art lovers. Miami based. Focuses on commercial ties among museums, foundations, galleries and collectors.

Information and Pictures: Sacred Art
Information and Pictures: Bhuddist Art
Information and Pictures: Indian Art

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