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Alex Grey - Mission of Art and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) Mission of Art · Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Alex Grey
One of the world's most lucid, spiritually minded painters. The laser-like clarity with which Alex Grey illumines his subjects, and the stylistic detail he invests in every work, have brought him great critical approval. His paintings invariably draw epithets like, "cosmic consciousness." This is ecstatic art of the first order, as are many of the works of other artists on display in his MIcrocosm Gallery.
http://www.alexgrey.com and http://www.microcosmgallery.com
Paul Stankard - Artist in Glass Artist in Glass
Paul Stankard
With a world-wide reputation for originality and perfect craftmanship in the design of glass objects and paperweights, Paul Stankard's works are unsurpassed in their beauty and clarity. Every Stankard original is unique. The life and imagery he infuses into his creations enables them to take on what appears as a life of their own. He is also a master teacher in this very specialized field.
Da Plastique - The Art of Adi Da Samraj

Da PlastiqueTM
The Art of Adi Da Samraj
His work will be featured at the 2007 Venice Biennale where EATP will be one of his sponsors.
Recognized as one of the world's most significant living spiritual masters, Adi Da Samraj is also a genius who uses camera-based photographic and digitally-based videographic imagery as the basis for making fabrications of many kinds. Often monumental in scale, these fabrications include photographic prints, pigmented ink on canvas, plasma-screen installations, and multi-media screen- projected performance events. The overlay of elements surpass the best in photography to which we are accustomed, and can radically change the way in which we "see" reality. Fabricated works characteristically involve the grouping of multiple images (anywhere from two images to thousands of images) in specific combinations and configurations, and additional forms of fabrication are planned for the future.
Eleanor Seeley - A Gallery of Figurative Bronze Sculptures A Gallery of Figurative Bronze Sculptures
Eleanor Seeley
It is rare to see an artist sculpt figures of women that exhibit such grace, abandonment and freedom at one and the same time. Each of Eleanor Seeley's figures are wonderfully expressive of the liberation and ecstasy that she describes as the result of "their turning to the Divine."
Sacred Fires - Sacred and Contemporary Designs in Jewelry
Sacred Fires
Sacred and Contemporary Design in Jewelry
You will find jewelry that has been "created to invoke the feeling of the sacred" on this attractive website. Everythning is crafted "in the time-honored traditional manner of amulets—adorning, protecting, and blessing the wearer." Sacred Fires wares are expertly crafted and clearly reflect their careful adherence to the "origins and purposes of adornment from ancient to modern-day cultures."
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