The Ecstatic Art and Theater Project

Welcome to the Ecstatic Art and Theater Project.

 Where does the impulse to create art and to perform originate?

 What purposes has art served in the development of human culture?

 What part does art play in today's predominantly materialistic world?

 Can we recover the ability to relate to the Infinite, which lies beyond the limits of our experience as individuals, through the arts?

The origin and primary purpose of art in all its forms was religious. It was intended to fulfill the human need to relate to something greater than ordinary life, to be ecstatic. The word ecstatic is derived from the Greek word ecstasis, which means, standing outside the egoic self.

Ecstatic art and the ecstatic performance arts draw both the artist and his or her audience beyond the limits of individual experience.

The purpose of the Ecstatic Art and Theater Project is to serve the restoration of our primary human ability to experience life and reality ecstatically, and in greater depth. It is to expand our sense of self through art and the performing arts.

A growing non-profit organization advocating the advancement and development of ecstatic forms of art, theater, dance, music, and literature of all kinds, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, attend our events and contribute what you can to help us promote this very important aspect of human culture.

True Art Heals

"The circumstance of existence, in and of itself, is disheartening. That is why it is necessary to do art. Art is an essential response to the conditions of existence, a means by which limitations are transcended, Reality is Realized, Truth is Realized, Light is found. Without that activity—that artistic and, altogether, spiritual activity-there is nothing but this intrusion of changes and death.

Participation in an art form should be at least as great as the creation of that art form. Art should change you. That is the whole purpose of it. True art heals. True art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose. When art is really useful, it serves this ultimate process of healing, well-being, higher sympathy, and Spiritual Awakening."

– Adi Da Samraj

"Realism and Naturalism rely mostly on the eye of the flesh. Abstract, conceptual and surrealistic art rely mostly on the eye of the mind. Great works of art rely on the eye of contemplation, the eye of the spirit."

– Alex Grey

"Sacred Art is where Eternity shines through Time."

– Joseph Campbell

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